Our Work – Movember Case Study

The Movember Foundation is our founding client.

They came to us in the search of some simple TLC from an agency to help them exploit the maximum value from a very small media spend. Operating in a space with ever increasing competition it was imperative that they got the biggest bang for their buck. Whilst it’s still early days we have worked hard with the team at Movember and our industry friends to drive over £2.6m of media exposure for a cash investment of less than £50k.Over 60% more than what was delivered by their previous global agency group partners..and we’re still counting

Whilst 2016 is simply a case of helping them drive exposure in 2017 we are looking forward to driving a much larger, much deeper campaign that builds participation through mutli-dimensional strategic partnerships that will dwarf our efforts to date.

If you are interesting in partnering with The Movember Foundation in 2017 please do let us know