A modern commercial model from a modern agency

Before we commit to any new project it is important that any prospective client commits to a way of working that inherently places trust and mutual accountability at the heart of an potential relationship.

At Bountiful Cow we operate a 100% commitment to transparency and shared success in our business.

We believe that a knowledge and experience-based business should be remunerated as such. Furthermore, we believe that all modern media agencies should be operating in this way. This is why we exist, and it is our commitment to set the pace in creating genuine client / agency collaboration.

We operate on a 100% fee basis that is committed to 3 principles:

  • Openness from top to bottom


  1. We give our clients the actual salaries for our employees, right down to the payslips. We are striving to drive solutions that make a difference meaning that we ware employing the very best people from the outset.
  2. We give our clients our actual overhead projection, from rent, to training, to travel and entertaining we can share the full cost base against which we are providing the % overhead mark up.
  3. We provide fee proposals based on % of time phased by month. Should our clients wish we will provide them with live access to our own time sheet system to understand how our talent are working to those commitments. We want to work with our clients to ensure that they are getting what they pay for 100% of the time.
  4. There are zero hidden rebates or margin in any element of our proposal. This may make us appear, prima facie, relatively expensive but please bear in mind that fees are the only way that we will make money from our clients.
  5. Added to this the fact that we are backed by one of the industry’s only fully transparent agencies (The7Stars) and that we are starting from afresh means that we will be taking this approach with every client we work with. We will not deploy a ‘one rule for one and one for another’ approach.
  • Commitment to perform and (over) deliver on our ambition and promises

As a new challenger proposition whilst we not only believe that agencies must work harder in collaboration with clients and their partners, we must over-deliver in this area ourselves.  Put simply, we live or die on our actual performance.

  1. We believe that, as credible and honest business, you must strive to only make profit from your client and your work in way that is sustainable. That is why we are willing to put our entire profit margin at risk
  2. To this end, as partners committed to fantastic work, service and growth we expect to be able to earn back up to 40% profit margin for exceptional work
  3. Importantly, this isn’t based upon spurious or biased metrics. However you measure business success is however we measure success. From service to business performance we are in this together. We only ask that we are given a fair opportunity to earn 20% of our profit back and a challenging but ultimately achievable opportunity to earn up to 40%
  • Negotiation is straightforward and quick practice


We are an agency built on trust and transparency. We trust our prospective clients to understand that by being 100% transparent a ‘tweak’ in headcount cost or overhead only results in an unsustainable and direct loss to our business, with a negative eventual effect on all parties. Others might attempt to absorb this through various ‘creative accounting’ methods but we can’t and won’t, simply because we are here to make a difference and change our industry for the better.

Clearly we can adjust transparent time commitments and PRF’s but if we are giving up our profit we expect all parties to be honest and invested. If we end up using less or more of our peoples’ time would hope to have a structure and relationship in place with like-minded partners to accommodate this as and when required.

There are easier ways to make money. We are not interested. Many will think us naïve or simply mad. We think we’re neither; we just want to do the very best work for our clients in a way that is mutually exciting, fulfilling and profitable.

The way that business should be.